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American PressWorks was founded in 1997 to provide management services and public affairs consulting for the communications industries and professions. Based in Arlington, Virginia, it works with organizations in the media world to shape opinion, build community and achieve group goals.

Principals are Tonda F. Rush and Carol S. Pierce. Together they bring a wealth of experience in media, public policy and education to the service of clients. The credo of American PressWorks is to create colloquy, recognizing that progress comes from understanding and mutual respect for common goals. American PressWorks strives for inclusion, efficiency and creativity in its projects. Rush also maintains a law practice.

APW  is a consultant, manager and creator of direct products of value to its clients. Its focus is on providing the association with the best-tailored professional services available.

Our philosophy is founded on a belief that communications creates community and that good association management does the same thing. We believe it is the role of associations to help their members develop better businesses, sharper skills or stronger strategies for their futures. We believe that associations are stronger when we understand their businesses.

Among our clients and programs are:

Full Association Management is provided by American PressWorks for the National Federation of Press Women (NFPW), a 76-year-old professional membership organization for communicators. Its First Amendment Network (FAN), established in 1999, has one of the fastest moving grassroots email systems in the communications professions. Free to NFPW members and available to the public for a membership fee, the FAN notifies participants of opportunities to influence public policy for greater access to information and expression. Participants may choose to become involved or not, and are not required to commit to any viewpoint or policy of the organization. The FAN recently joined a coalition of press organizations in petitioning the U. S. Supreme Court to review Hosty v. Carter, a 7th Circuit case that deprived college students of press freedoms.

Another useful tool for organizations is a well-managed competition, which recognizes excellence and provides role models for others. American PressWorks manages the NFPW Annual Communications Contest and the NNA Newspaper Contests and Awards.

Grassroots Lobbying efforts are organized and managed by American PressWorks for its association clients. American PressWorks works closely with association members to build the framework for multi-industry teams working toward passage of designated legislation. APW has managed several successful campaigns for National Newspaper Association. National Newspaper Association.

Legal and public policy workshops and seminars are available through American PressWorks's.

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